Monday, July 7, 2014

Letter from Elder Finau

Hi mom, 

I really do consider you mom because of your son. I feel like I have met you all because of how he talks highly about you and the family. I am truly grateful for you baring this strong young man in your stomache for 9 months and caring after him for another 19 years til this point. I will say that I have learnt more with him than from any other companion. He understands the spirit in a way I never did, and he is LOVINGLY BLUNT about the gospel which makes him a bold and profound missionary. He will be someone that I will cherish and love for eternity. As you said, we are MATCHING BROTHERS. I love Elder Dahlin. I will miss him, but its okay because we all live in California. I just live about 6 hours away in San Bernadino so I will make sure to keep in touch. 

Thank you again Sis. Dahlin for your son. He is my Captain Moroni!!!

Elder Finau(your new son......kamatay kamatay lol) 

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