Thursday, July 17, 2014

Details from Elder Zaugg about the day on splits with Eli

 I went with Elder Dahlin that day which was way fun.  We had a good hard working day where we were able to teach 11 people.  A cool experience Elder Dahlin and I had, was after we got done teaching a Recent Convert who's name is sister F.  This was his first time stepping foot in Harbel, so he wanted to see it and get to know the area.  So, I would show him little roads and tell him where they go and what not.  Well, after this lesson we walked over to a road for Elder Dahlin to know and as we were talking (make note, this all happened under 1 minute) an old lady spoke to us. We turn and see one of our members sitting under her porch, and she calls to us to come in. The two of us go over, greet her and her children, then the daughter and son invite us to sit down. Elder Dahlin and I look at each other, smile, then take the opportunity to teach them the Restored Gospel!   As we introduce ourselves and the church, we came to find out that they know almost nothing about Jesus Christ, but want to be going to church and learn. Elder Dahlin and I were excited! Neither of them knew how to pray, so we taught them in the simplest way we knew how, so that they'd be able to start receiving answers to their prayers. We extended them August 16 to be baptized and they accepted. The daugther is in her 30's and the son is in his 20's. After we had closed and were leaving, thats when we found out that the two of them will be going in Town for a month..... SAD! Just got through with a powerful lesson, and now they're leaving for a month. We told them to keep our number and to call when they get back to Harbel. It was a miracle to the two of us to see how the Lord works. All we were wanting to do was for Elder Dahlin to get a better Idea of how the area was laid out. Not thinking about contacting or teaching anyone in that area, then it led to us meeting two of Gods children who are ready to receive the Gospel. God is truly directing his work on earth.

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