Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello mother!!

Sounds like life is going on in the world of America. HAPPY 4th of July!! I do love America and what the Lord has instituted there. Such a great privilege to live in the land of the free. Today we are emailing late because we had a very busy Monday. Actually we have had a very busy week!! Its been awesome!! Today President and Sister Kirkham took us to lunch for all the extra work we have been doing. Its been eventful and very rewarding to be a part of this work. I wont tell you where they took us to lunch though ;) haha They are amazing. So we had lunch then went to shop around for some fabric and found some amazing wood and clothe. We didnt buy anything but took some pictures of stuff to show you! Then we went to the Mission home and had dinner with President and Sister Kirkham, Elder and Sister Miles, and Sister Addo! Sister Addo is from my MTC and she is going home tomorrow so that was her farewell dinner. 

I notice that all the work we are doing here is not just for others salvation but it is for our own. I am so grateful for leadership in the church and the perfect "government" we fall under. All of the answers to our questions come from God but we have been given leaders that will teach us those specific answers. I do love the calling I have been asked of to do because it is helping me see what a help I can be to others. I do teach a lot more missionaries than investigators but its been an honor so far to get to know more missionaries and to serve them in ways I was never able to before. Yes sometimes there is correction but if there was no correction there would be no learning. I will just summarize my week with saying we made a few corrections. I cant tell you how much the Lord was with us throughout the week. We traveled a lot and for sure had to put our minds to work but the Lord guided us and helped us resolve many things. I am grateful for the senior couples and for their willingness to serve and to help us in all our works. I am most especially grateful for the keys of the Priesthood President Kirkham holds and for his endless care and devotion. My companion and I were given blessings from him and it was fitted to what I needed to hear and to know. Too cool to have the spirit so strong.

Yes I memorized Doctrine and Covenants 4. Memorize Alma 26:22 its awesome. Alright have a great week mom!!

Elder Dahlin

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