Monday, July 14, 2014

Hello Family!

Well it sounds like everything is going good there. The knives Dad has made are pretty awesome. The scripture I had put for the plaque is D&C 121:7-9 Im pretty sure. Yeah no ebola there but it sounds like its still pretty hot!! 

Before I talk about last week I think you might know my new companion is Elder Burr! He is an American from Utah!! So right now I have 2 companions since Elder Finau will be leaving next Monday. We also have 5 more missionaries staying with us most of this week that are going home so its a little crazy around here. It is weird to adjust to the life of an Assistant but we are jumping right into it. Im excited to have my new companion and help further the work with him. 

So last week pretty much the most fun we had was when we went out to Harbel for an exchange. We got up soon and traveled in taxi for about an hour and a half. Getting there was not bad. The Zone leaders there are Elder Haas and Elder Zaugg. I went with Elder Zaugg and had an awesome day. Harbel is beautiful!! No wonder why everyone wanted to go out there. Its just full of rubber trees and grass land so its just got an Africa look to it. That day the Lord was really with us because all together we had about 7 hours of teaching and we taught 11 lessons!! Thats the most ive taught in one day. Elder Finau and Elder Haas taught 7 lessons so in total 18 lessons in that area. It was great how we did not have any spare time. 

Elder Zaugg wanted to show me around for a second so he took me to the next road. As soon as we got on the road a member called us over to study with her children. Her children are in their 20s, one muslim and one who doesnt go to church. We taught and they accepted baptismal dates. The Lord is on our side. We just taught some amazing lessons and had the spirit with us all day. It was too much fun. Then at night we came back to the apartment. Elder Skouson and Elder Egbu were also there which was fun. We all talked, ate some eba, and my companion and I slept on the floor. We were excited with them because they just got a water tower so that means they have running water in the apartment now. It was just a lot of fun to be with these missionaries that are so centered on their work. No complaints and always thinking about their people. Im grateful for the hard working missionaries in this mission and for the chance I have to serve along side them.

We were also able to have a few lessons in our area too!! President was conducting interviews with all the missionaries so we had time to be in our area most of the week. Our investigators are truly prepared. They call us and see how we are doing and they also keep to our commitments we extend. Our recent convert will now be teaching the investigators class!! Sam is amazing and is doing so well in the church. Last Sunday him and his friend came in white shirts and ties looking like strong members. His friend will be baptized next month. The work is full of miracles. Life moves like crazy when you keep your thoughts centered on your purpose. 

I hope everyone is doing well and will have a great week!!

Elder Dahlin

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