Monday, July 21, 2014

Hello Mom, 

Elder Finau left soon this morning so that was a crazy thing for me. I will miss Elder Finau because he taught me so much. He was very caring and just an awesome guy. He definitely became one of my good friends so I hope to stay in contact with him! California boys.

Elder Burr is sweet. Im learning a lot more about Utah and how the Mormons there are pretty cool. I had something different in my mind I think... Well, hes awesome! It was a crazy week having 6 going home missionaries with us so we were busy and it was busy to our apartment. Meaning, it was busy on both sides of the building since our apartment is just our room. We also had lots of lessons in our area. Sister Smith cooked a different stew for us every night last week so we really enjoyed all the Liberian dishes. Elder Burr is doing great here and he fits right into the work. He is very willing and ready to take on any task so im excited to have him as my new companion. He is also a great teacher so it will be fun to work hard in all aspects of the work. 

Thursday we hung out all day at Presidents house which was a lot of fun. My companion and I had our weekly planning in the kitchen with Sister Kirkham while the other Elders watched "A Sound of Music" haha Fun times. 

We were just with Elder Hezseltine trying to learn all that we could from him. They are going home Wednesday so we will be losing a great part of this mission. Everyone loves the Hezseltines. Its been an honor to serve next to a couple that wants to serve the Lord with all their heart and energy. They definitely served well and I also hope to see them again one day. 

So yeah our great leaders are leaving the mission so I guess that means we need to train each other to become better! We really need to make sure this mission continues in unity and diligence towards others conversions. Work work work. Too fun.

Love you Mom and hope you have an amazing week! 

Elder Dahlin

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