Monday, June 2, 2014

Hi Mom!!!!

"Sunday I get to speak in the branch with the seminary students and it's also Seminary graduation!!! " You have branches??!?! haha  (Why does he think this is funny?  Ha Ha Head!)

Well I do love teaching even if it is other missionaries. Giving instruction is a lot of fun and i'm learning a lot from it. This week we have Mission Council, and Train the Trainers. That will be pretty exciting. We have 12 new trainers this transfer!! The mission is growing a lot! We are going to be doing a few demonstrations of planning and teaching and just improving on a few things in the mission. The great thing about instructing here is that you always have an idea of what you will be talking about since follow ups with the zone leaders tell you a lot about the mission. I think this one will be very good. Elder Finau and I try to always match for these events. I dont know if you have seen pictures from the Conferences?

This week we put together maps for each proselyting area in the mission. It was pretty fun to learn more about the mission and area boundaries. I learned a lot doing it and it sure took a good amount of time. We have fun here in the office doing that kind of work and really getting to know the mission as a whole. I enjoy doing follow up calls with each zone to find out how everyone is doing. This week we were able to teach for a full day which was awesome! Even when we go out from the office for a break we always start finding and teaching. Our break is usually right outside of the compound to eat some Liberian food so while we eat we talk about the gospel with whoever is there! 

Well It seems like everyone had a great week and is working hard! There are a few new things at the house which is great! I am sure you all are having fun with Marvin and tell him goodbye for me! He is more than welcome to California any time he wants to come.

Love you all!

Elder Dahlin

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