Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello Mom!

Well it sounds like everyone is giving speeches or talks! Sounds like what we do a lot here except we teach! And for us we teach missionaries! Happy Birthday Grandma! Remember you will have to be there for my wedding so you have many more years ahead of you! 
I hope Dad is watching out for those spider bites. Dads on a roll of having things happen to him! 

Well mission council was very fun and very full of information. It was all about using Preach My Gospel more in teaching and answering our own questions. Preach My Gospel is full of doctrine that is outlined very simply. It is great to look over what is written and think of how you can answer that with the scriptures. For instance "God has a body of flesh and Bones" What scriptures do you know that conforms with that doctrine. 

Train the Trainers was fun too. Just going over how stress is part of missionary work and how we can train our trainees better! We have 12 trainers this transfer. It was funny talking about stress and I knew it was stressful instructing when I went to tip over some chips on a napkin and missed the napkin completely.. Its alright though they were just the crumbs! 

We gave out transfer news on Saturday and a few were very excited for their news. Its crazy that my sons Elder Morrison and Elder Falemai were trained in Gardnersville and then left right after training. Now both of them are BACK in Gardnersville!! I must have had some unfinished work they have to continue there... 

Sunday Monrovia district was split into Monrovia and Paynesville District which was exciting news. Liberia is growing!! I hope to see more branches open up and work along with everyone to make that possible. We have a baptism this saturday, Sam J will be baptized. He is very prepared and ready to be a member of the true church. I also baptized the M family this last saturday!! It was so nice to see them and see a Ring on Sister M's finger!! So Cool!!

This week we have orientation for the new missionaries so another busy week!! Have a great week! \


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