Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Well seems like you had a great week!! Im surprised at how tall the building is getting already! I love working and it will be too cool to put all the workout equipment inside. I am sad though since you mentioned Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, and Lemon Cake!!!! I saw the welding job on the windows and it looks great! I guess the style we did last time worked out well. Exciting news. The place is looking different!! 

This week was great just dealing with the new missionaries!! They are all so great and im excited to have them here. Its great getting to know all those that are newly coming on mission and feel their willingness to learn. Also to know how scared they are and how I used to be that way! Its amazing to teach those  that are new in Liberia about how we do things. Im sure there are so many different expectations but at orientation we are able to give the overview of how the mission is. Then in two week we have another orientation on what they have learned and what they truly need to be focusing on. That was on Thursday then Friday we trained the new District leaders in the mission which was a very small crowd. Only 4! Its ok we are getting so many new missionaries which will be so great for the mission. We will receive 21 in September and some will be Americans. The last two MTCs that came were all Africans. Im getting the hang of my calling and im excited to really work harder and harder! I always feel like I could do more but im grateful with the work that I have to do now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STANLEY!!! YOURE AN OLD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed the cake. Youll have to send some pictures of your presents! Any cool ones??

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!! DAD HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

Elder Dahlin

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