Monday, June 23, 2014


Well this week was a great week. We went on an exchange with the Matadi ZLs which was pretty awesome. It was my first time teaching in that area. We also had a few days of teaching to ourselves!! We didnt know what to do with so much time in our area at first but we taught some great lessons.

We had an Other Lesson (the first in months) with a man who will be a stake president one day!! We sat down with him just to invite him to church and to see how he is doing. He has been sick with Malaria.  He began to question why we would invited him to church when he has a church. Why would he change his plans for the next day. That comment really changed the direction of the conversation into bold statements by us. We then said this is the only true church on the earth and began to explain about the blessing of the atonement. He is so humble and curious and very bold so it was a very interesting conversation. At one point he said "the statement you made earlier about this being the only true church, its just.." our reply "seems kind of strange isnt it?" His response "Not strange. . . Its unbelievable"  Thats when the lesson really started to change because we could see his thoughts running and trying to figure out how this is true. He said maybe ill plan to visit your church next week but I dont see why I should come this week. We said "Well, this is the only true church. If you want to wait to know that then come to church next Sunday. If you want to know sooner come to church tomorrow." His response "I want to know now if possible!" My companion and I looked at eachother and nodded our heads. PRAY NOW... We told him if he wants to know if this is the only true church we invite you to pray right now and ask that same question to God. We got on our knees and he offered an amazing prayer. After the prayer we stayed on our knees and we asked how he was feeling. "I feel good... Peaceful... I feel strong..." We then testified that that is the spirit of God telling him that this is the only true church. We got up and left. Powerful lesson and sweet is the work. He is very smart and very humble so it will take some teaching for him to come to the knowledge of the truth. We have taught him 3 times and we are still teaching the Restoration! Its pretty amazing to see how prepared these men are. We have investigators we have never taught before coming to church every Sunday. The Lord sure makes the work hard in Liberia.

Anyway, we baptized Sam J. on Saturday and he brought a friend to his baptism. He told the friend "lets go look for something to eat" haha Then they showed up at the baptism! Thats one way to get your friend to witness your baptism. Now he has a baptismal date of August 2nd. Cool stuff. 

Well my companion is going to be going home in less than a month. That means I will be receiving a new companion that I will train. Its been great getting to know all my duties and trying to take on more and more responsibility. I love this work because you can put more work on yourself and I am trying to learn as much as possible. We always try to convince President to let us drive but we havent had too much success...

Alright well I hope everything is going great at home! I love you all and know that if you desire to have opportunities to teach the gospel it becomes very simple. Pray for it and you will get it. Easy way to strengthen your testimony is to open your mouth and share what you have. 

Elder Dahlin

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