Monday, February 10, 2014


Dont be sick!! It not correct.. I am glad you are feeling better though. I would ask if its malaria but most likely not..
Before I start talking I was wondering how Scotty is doing? I hope hes doing alright? Im not sure if you know Maddie leaves to England March 19th!! Wooh! Mission is sweet-oh!
This week was pretty great. This fifth was mission council and once again I forgot to take pictures with Elders! Specifically Elder Pentreath and Elder Skouson.. Ohh well. Tomorrow will be zone conference with Elder Curtis coming as our guest. He wants to have a council with the zone leaders in the morning so that will be cool. Mission council with President and a Seventy! Full day with mission council, Conference, then he will interview a few missionaries, then apartment inspections. Im not sure if we will teach tomorrow.
So we baptized a woman named Annie  saturday. Shes great and it was a good baptismal service. We were supposed to baptize 3 but the others are not ready yet. So so women being baptized! I am happy to say we have started teaching a few great families with potential Priesthood holders! The issue is always marriage but I hope they will get married soon. I guess I wont say much more but this week has been great. Hard work and full days which is awesome. I think this transfer will go by way too fast.
Have a great week and I hope you get completely better. 
Your Son
Elder Dahlin

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