Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello ma!!
Sounds like not so fun of a week with the sickness. I wish I could help now but I hope you know you have the Priesthood in the house! I actually was thinking about all the projects around the house and it would be fun to put in practice the time management I have learned on mission and help with the things around the house and If there are still things at Howard. I do miss you. Its all part of the work though and im happy for the time I still have on mission. I hope to baptize plenty more and help many more people.
Thats crazy you have been a seminary teacher for so long! You really are learning to be a Gospel scholar now. Dont forget that all of us as members are able to understand the doctrine of salvation by the spirit of God. So to share what you know to Sophia and Stanley is so great so they will be able to be more powerful in using their scriptures. 
I want to know the details of that dream! Who and what was I complaining about?? I love dreams and ive really been learning to understand them a little more. I know I sent you a letter the other week explaining a dream that is personal but revealing about a gospel truth. 
In the war stories I love Teancum and Moroni, they are powerful even though Teancum was a little less wise but thats alright.
Mom, aint you say you come convert to the truth now? Now what ting be the name of your missionaries?

What kind of dress do you want to have from here? If you could send pictures so I can get an idea then ill send pictures of different fabrics that they have.

So I really have become a marriage councilor! Yesterday the family we are teaching that needs to get a marriage certificate came to church. After church we went to their house and talked about a plan of action and how they can have a small wedding. It was great since they understand that it is for a remission of sins and so they will get married on a saturday morning and then on the same day we will baptize them all! The only thing is money for the certificate which will hold them back small but there are those that are willing to pitch in to help them gain it. 

Also yesterday we ate frog! And ive eaten frog legs before.. But ive never eaten the whole body and head.. So yesterday I got the chance and I ate two! Legs, head, eyes, and all! Not bad. Im really not too sure whats normal or not anymore. One thing that was not normal was on Valentines day!! My companion and I were given an apple each!!!! That was the first time ive eaten an apple since ive been in Liberia. I might send you a picture of it :) 

This week we had a few times to correct missionaries, Elder S is one that I wont forget because he reminds me of a few people. As soon as I started talking he would say "What!! Who are you!! Who are you!! Do you know who I am!!?" haha Ohh it was great. Hes about to finish his mission so he thinks hes too old for that kind of stuff. It made me laugh a lot. There are a few scriptures that came into my head but I just kept quiet..

The Zone Conference and Mission Council was great. Elder Curtis and his wife spoke to us and so did President and Sister Kirkham. Great instruction.
Alright well I will send a few pictures to show how the week went! Notice my awesome Jatala tie.. These are the kind of things I want to take home!
Love you!
Elder Elias Dahlin

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