Monday, February 24, 2014

Thats true. We enjoy so many things as Zone Leaders. I hope to be one throughout my mission. Such a great calling.
Yeah the frog is not bad. Tell Davis I said Hello! Africa is really just a different place and I think I will realize that more when you ask questions that show the difference. Right now I dont feel like a few things are strange but I know I will when I go back! I think it was Elder Orton that logged that. He was in my former branch and they were traveling about 9 miles a day. I want to move all the wood to the other side!!! I will do it just wait small yeah? haha
Well not too many things happened this week. I will send all of the pictures to you so you can see how we looked at the conference and how we looked after our service project. Just around two hours of hard work and im completely soaked in sweat. that small ting there? I sent you another letter recently Im not sure which one you received? Alright I will send pictures now!
Love, Elder Dahlin

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