Monday, February 3, 2014

Well im so glad to hear from everyone and thank you for telling me so much! Thank you for all the pictures! Stanley looks so tall!!! and im not sure if I saw Gwinna or thats another older child... How did this happen!! :( She wont know me at all!! ey mann.. Mom you have to tell sister Stiles that Ive thought about her a few times and im so thankful for her gift to me! I use it a lot. The work really is being Hastened and thats crazy we have 38 missionaries out. That seems like a lot.
So I guess ill tell you about everything that happened this week!! Well the Elder I was serving with I have had a stressful week but ive learned so much. It felt really weird since my companion was still Elder Zolo and I was with Elder O. On sundays I was feeling bad since Sunday is a busier day for us and he had to do it by himself. We got transfer news on Saturday and I found out that im staying with ZOLO!! Wooh! Unfortunately I found out that Elder O. was going back to Nigeria.. I can say it now since he is on the plane home today. What a crazy week. Hes a great guy, sometimes it was just hard since he likes to talk through scriptures. There were just a few things he needed to work on which is sad he had to do it in Nigeria. yeah it was definitely a crazy week and weird to have someone go home early who was your companion for small time.
Now I am back with Elder Zolo in a great apartment! My MTC are now becoming Zone Leaders with me which is great! I will see them again at Mission Council Wednesday!
I guess theres not too much to say about this last week. Crazy, learned a lot, read a lot, and you might not believe me when I say I ate a hamburger! good stuff..
Alright I love you all! I will send some pictures 
Elder Dahlin

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