Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On 5/13/13, Elias Dahlin
Hey Dad!!!!

It was so great to hear everyones voices yesterday :) I do miss
everyone and im so glad everyone is doing well. Yeah 22 baptisms is
still not a big amount for this mission for some people. I should end
my mission with at least 150 baptisms haha crazy stuff. The world is
really being prepared to hear the restored gospel. So another small
detail that I dont think ive mentioned before is how you shake
someones hand! every single handshake you first, shake their hand then
grab their middle finger with yours and snap. or you pound it and then
bring your hand to your heart haha

So I feel like im living the life right now.... Im in a room with AC
and im going to eat a chicken hamburger!! without bones!!!! haha yeah
in town I feel like this is a completely different mission.
Electricity is cool. Alright I love you and miss you guys! It was
great to be able to talk. Happy Birthday Mom and happy Mothers day!
This week I am no longer a teenager! ohh yeah...
Ps. This last week I told some drunk guys that if they stopped
drinking completely for 3 weeks their lives would change and become
better, afterwards my companion laughed because it was a crazy thing
to say to them... One of them from that time I told him that has not
drank at all and has a baptismal date. Crazy thinks happen if you try
to listen to the spirit.

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