Friday, May 10, 2013

Alright so for me this week went by a lot better than last week. My
companion reminds me of Harley haha Its been nice to have two
Americans in my apartment because we have wanted to make American food
and its really nice to talk about American stuff sometimes. Like how
it would be crazy to feel carpet and have Milk and all that good

 So today im getting a haircut and it will be my SECOND one on
mission haha Ohh and last week I got a few letters! I got the one you
sent to the MTC! Hannahs letter was great. I cant imagine not having
people to teach... 

We always have at least 20 with baptismal dates and
theres not enough time to teach everyone! One of our recent converts
has been helping me gather her friends together and we just teach
groups of people. VOA is such a strong area and Banjor is lame..
nobody keeps commitments so I dropped all of them and we have spent
this week just finding people. 

We went through a swamp and forest to
this new community and we started teaching there haha So what do you
think about me getting my hymn book covered in Panther? Hmm so that
family I sent you a picture of is doing great. The husband asked some
amazing questions and looks forward to our visits. Theyre a family I
will stay in contact with for sure. 

Well I miss you guys and am glad I
have been so busy this week, otherwise I just think about home
(California, Montana, Texas). My companion is district leader but hes
not as active as Elder Nebende so ive kind of just been in charge of
district food and getting gas for our gen and all that good stuff. So
yeah just busy busy. 

Elder Dahlin

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