Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey Dad and Mom!

wow... Looks like a ton has been done to Howie haha thats so awesome!
Thank you for all the Happy Birthday wishes!! This week was pretty
crazy... well starting from talking on the phone it made the week
start out great. I was happy to hear everyones voices and I miss
everyone so much. So sunday was great then monday was awesome because
we went into town! So the carvings are amazing... I saw monster pieces
of Ivory and big carvings all out of ebony. Mann it was crazy. Next
time I go im buying a crocodile skin wallet. So that was my birthday
celebration, I ate a hamburger and bought myself a leather weighted
jump rope haha So yeah that was monday, Tuesday after proselyting we
came home but the landlord put the wrong lock on the gate haha and he
doesnt come home some nights so I tried picking the lock... ive never
done a pad lock before and so I worked on it for like an hour and a
half and gave up. We knew that we had two out of 3 of the locks on the
inside so we wanted to jump the razor wire to try and open the gate.
The zone leaders are great missionaries but maybe a little... well
yeah anyway.. They told us not to jump the fence because "someone"
said not to. Soooo I had Elder Zaugg and Elder Widdison help lift me
on to the fence haha I got in and got the gate open. But we got in at
like 9:45 so there wasnt much time to do anything. Great story. and
the rest of the week was normal. President is here so that will be fun
to see him one last time tomorrow! Ohh I got grandmas package :) thank
you grandma!!! im spoiled!!

Crazy week and I wish I could talk on the phone again :/ but its nice
hearing you all. Nice hearing normal English!! speaking of that I
baptized a French mann saturday :) not so easy to teach him haha I
love you guys and am glad everything is going well. I hope the project
gets finished soon so you dont have to worry about it anymore!

Elder Dahlin

On 5/

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