Monday, September 1, 2014

Teaching in Tennessee

Hey mom,
Sophia is too small for college! Dont let her go!! haha Just kidding. She will have a lot of fun working hard. 

Well even if I ate everything fried here I would still be more healthy than I was in Liberia. . .
Tomorrow we are going to teach seminary and then drive for a few hours to get to Mission Council. Pretty much thats all we will have time to do tomorrow but im excited to see how we do it here. Yesterday we taught the 3rd hour of church and I thought it went really well. We talked about missionary work and made sure everyone understood their responsibility to preach the gospel. I love instructing. We have been contacting a lot of referrals from the fair and so far we have had a few successful tries. Lots of people say they are not interested and thats ok. We are looking for the ones that are prepared for the gospel!

Well, not too many people taught this week. We dropped our one investigator and so we hope this week we will set some baptismal dates with the referrals we have talked to.
Have a great week!


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