Monday, September 15, 2014

Hey Mom,
Hmm I guess I havent really described how its like here in Tennessee! The weather is really nice. Everyone says its a little too humid but I still get cold sometimes and I always wear my sweats around the apartment. I bought the sweats with the money grandma sent me! Thanks Grandma. It does rain here like it did in Liberia, all of the sudden heavy rain fall. Its pretty awesome. So we cook when we dont have a dinner appointment but usually we have members that invite us over for dinner every night, we have an amazing ward that takes care of us. By January of next year this mission will have Ipads and we will be teaching and fellowshipping through facebook and instagram... I think ill leave before it gets to that haha.
So this week has been amazing for teaching. We have been contacting referrals from a fair and we have had so much success with it. Most people dont want to talk to us but when we go to the house and they close the door we just contact around the house. We taught a family for the first time on Sunday and they are great. I feel super welcome and am excited to go back. We also have been talking with more and more people so we have a lot more potential investigators. Its funny how nice some people can be and then the opposite where people try to talk to us through their doors haha but we just laugh about that. Actually I want to kick down doors and throw the gospel at people but im pretty sure thats illegal here so I dont haha.
Anyway, the work is so much more exciting when you have some one to teach and to listen to you. The hardest part of the work here is finding but our fast really helped us out. We are thankful for special blessings when we ask for them.

Its crazy Sophia is at college :( Tell her not to pass me in credits so I can still seem like her big brother!! Its been great talking to members about the military here so I am gaining a base of what I want to get into. Brother Vela had us do a wod called Murphy. Named after a fallen soldier. Its 1 Mile to start, then 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, and 300 air squats. Then another mile to finish it off and we had to do it in under an hour. Pretty awesome workout that will light you up. Its good to get back into working out.
I would love to come home and all but one more week means one more chance to baptize and teach so ill come home the 18th. Ill let President know today. Also, I still have not figured out what I need to do to get my DMV report.
I love you!! Have a great week.

Elder Dahlin

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