Monday, September 8, 2014

From: Elias Dahlin <>
Date: September 8, 2014 9:58:21 AM PDT
To: "Stan & Deb Dahlin" <>
Subject: Re: Hi

Hello Mom!!

Well this week was awesome. We had Mission Council and learned a lot about finding and teaching so im excited to try and implement that. Will you get my DMV stuff to them? Sorry if its a hassle since we already did that. 

I have been hearing different things about Ebola. Sounds like its in Kenya now? Some people were nervous to touch me when I first came here. A lot of people would try to keep their kids away from me but its gotten a lot better. I asked the Bishopric to let me speak but it will be in October. It is better to send the boxes to the mission office which is the address I gave you. We just got transfer news and my companion and I are staying together! Wooh. 

The work is going forward here. We just fasted as a mission for finding and member missionary work and each one of us bore our testimonies on Sunday. It was a great experience and everyone seemed to talk about missionary work! I love the ward here and everyone is welcoming. Its a different balance but im figuring it out. Thank you for all your prayers and thank you for being so supportive of me! I love you and know that ive changed a lot because of this work.

Have a great week!

Elder Elias Dahlin

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