Monday, April 21, 2014

So about the schooling. Ive thought about that and I would love to go to school in winter. I just am not sure when I would be able to earn some money..? I think it would be very possible to come home in December. Which track is Sophia on again? 

Sad Pepper is getting old.. She cant die before I get home! I didnt even know you had a dog named Gratch haha Im glad you like my letters. I think I sent one for last week and im sure its not very lively. 

THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!!! So awesome to get a package and be able to eat Robin eggs and gold fish. I am still amazed at the Peanut Butter and the nice ties. Thank you! I think I love all that was in their and ive just been pigging out on it with my companion. One thing though is that I had to pay 20 USD for it so if you put the value of the items inside like around 5 dollars it would make it so I wouldnt get taxed.
Well I have my first White companion!!! Elder Pearmain is my companion right now. Which means Elder Zolo my greatest companion has gone home due to his injury. I am positive he will come back and finish his mission here though. This week has been full of catching up with our investigators and dropping lots of those that are not serious. We have run around like crazy and just teaching my companion everything about the area and the Branch. I love this branch because the leaders can work so hard and are always willing to go with us and teach with us. The family that we are supposed to baptize has to travel to his wifes familys before they can marry. We found out yesterday that he is wanting to pay the family dowrey and so we spent some time talking about evil wicked traditions of fathers. I hope they will be ready by the 3rd to be married and the 10th to be baptized. It will be awesome!

 I hope everything is still going great at home and everyone is having the chance to get together to talk to each other and play family games. If not, Make the time. I love you all and I think I am learning about white people again so I think if I keep having him then no problem with knowing how to talk to them! Transfer news comes this week so we will see what happens.
Have a great week!
Elder Dahlin

By the way when you ask me things about home you dont really pull my thoughts away from life here. The worlds are just being more and more connected as I continue on my mission. I guess right now is the best time to ask so we have enough time to act on it! And I am able to receive more revelation now then I will at home. 

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