Monday, April 7, 2014

Hello mom!!
Well Im glad that Brother Gauthier thinks I am obedient. Its great to know the teachings of my parents have stuck in my life! Thank you for the recipes, I needed them and yes I can print out what you write.
I do feel as if im an obedient missionary and im thankful for that. I always think of the 3 Nephites and how they wanted to preach the gospel forever... I start to love the idea and then I realize I want to get married one day too!! Then it shuts down that idea haha Today we went into town and hung out with Elder Pentreath for his last Monday in Liberia. Maybe I will give him your phone number so that he can call or email you guys. I think Elder Pentreath is an Elder I will never lose contact with. Hes a great missionary and a great friend. Speaking of friends I want to start putting scriptures in my letters to Hunter so please talk to him and get him a Book of Mormon. The blades you both bought look pretty great! I hope we will be able to start pushing them out right when I get home.
This week was a great week. We have been really working hard at turning our area into an area with great potential Priesthood holders. We always teach so so women and the woman you said was beautiful is my convert! We can baptize lots of women in this area so we want to start teaching and baptizing MEN. The family we are teaching and are in need of getting married are on their way towards it! The branch is working together to have them be married and we are hoping and praying that they will marry on the 19th so we can both see them baptize on the 26th. The end of the transfer will be the 27th and it feels like it has flown by. Mission council on Wednesday was great to have Pentreath, Oni, Dlamini, and Malahatsa bear their testimonies since it will be their last.

 We will be having zone meeting tomorrow and the Assistants will be our guests. We will have my Father (Elder Nabende) bear his testimony since he will die on the 26th of this month.. Crazy to be getting older and sad to see time go. I love mission and love my companion right now. I dont think we will stay together next transfer since he has been in this area for 6 transfers. One hard aspect of this mission is that every person will listen to your message, so you really have to find by the spirit to find those that are prepared to hear it. The mission as a whole will be focusing on getting new investigators that are families and "shepherds" instead of "sheep". 

I went on an exchange with my son Elder Falemai this week and it was great. Makes me want to cry to see how great he is doing as a missionary. He is great and I want him to be the best! What was great about the exchange too was that there is water in their apartment and it has small pressure!! AND they are able to take showers small! So I obviously took advantage of that.. 

Anyway the mission has been great. I will try to send a few more pictures. I love you and hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Dahlin

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