Monday, October 6, 2014

New Release date

Hey Mom!!
So what was the guys name that brought ebola to Texas? Is he Mormon? Where in Texas? Yeah I had to go into Mahoneys just to see! and teach...
Conference was awesome! Everyone was so direct and straight to the point. Teaching us to follow the prophet and explaining procedures. Conference always answers questions and it was awesome to actually see it this time. I will have to catch up on the rest of them. 

SOOO.... Some sad news for you guys. I got a call from president Friday explaining my release date will not work. So now my release date is the 27th of December so that it is still in the window of 30 days from my original release date. A few more weeks to baptize! No problem :) Sad we wont be able to hang out as long but thats alright. Late nights haha

Not too many crazy things happened this week. We are trying to teach more and more and lately we have had some amazing lessons. Its good to be real with people and tell them truth. Some times we get in the habit of trying to explain we are perfect but its been awesome with Elder Russo as my companion because we are teaching well together and fellowshipping those that need it. Cool beans
I love you all and hope everything is going well.
Elder Dahlin

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