Monday, August 25, 2014

Hey Mom!

America is treating me well. This morning we went to Brother Vela's house who is very into crossfit and knows a lot about the Military and the SEALs so he is helping me out with that. Right now we are dead though because it was a great workout. So not only am I eating good food but im getting back into shape! He also said I look like "Garrett Fisher" who is a famous crossfitter. 

There are 196 missionaries in this mission so its a little bigger than I am used to. The Mission President is great and full of knowledge and fun. Teaching this week went pretty well. I went on an exchange with Elder Swapp and had a great lesson with him and an older lady that has been studying with the missionaries for over 1 year!! She was great and loves us like a grandma and im happy she knew the Bible. Ever since I got here I have been holding back all the scriptures I learned in the Bible but for that lesson I just said and read what came to my mind and it was an amazing lesson. She ended up coming to church! 

So yesterday we ate dinner with the Clark's. They are a really great couple that love to be healthy too. So I have something for you to look up. There is a fungus called Scoby that when you let it grow and put it in water it will make a healthy drink. The drink is called Kombucha. You should look it up! They are giving us a scoby so we can make our own so we are going super healthy!

Well I hope the week goes well and good luck with Seminary! 

Elder Elias Dahlin

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