Monday, August 18, 2014


Yeah I told Hunter he shouldnt visit but im glad he has shown so much concern for me! I miss that man like crazy. My Address is "11320 Station West Drive, Suite 101  Knoxville TN 37934" It is super cold here so I dont know if you could send me something warm or money so that I can buy the right proselyting clothes to keep warm. My release date is still December 26th and I dont even know how many baptisms I had in Liberia. . . I know it slowed way down when I was in the office thats for sure. 

To be honest when I came back to America I felt really strange and out of place. My companions said I had an accent but I will not lose my Koloqua skills so Im pretty sure Ill still be able to talk like it when I get home. I teach Liberians here anyway. I have enjoyed being able to drink milk since I have been here though! Not too much teaching gets done here but we were able to get a baptismal date this week. He's black and not Liberian. 

Elder Roberts left so now it is just Elder Russo and Me working hard. Im loving the members and learning how to be even more effective with working with the ward. It is very different here but im trying to learn how to work hard and get to know my zone members and their areas. I have a lot of ways stuck in my head about how to go about the work but im learning how to do the work here and incorporate what I know without trying to override whats here is Tennessee. We try to do more service around here to get people involved and let people know that we are normal and willing to talk with everyone. I am used to just going up to someone and saying your life needs to improve but I think here we have to take a different way to find. I will always be firm in teaching the Doctrine but I need to improve on finding so that we can have a bigger teaching pool. The work is awesome everywhere.

 I only have a hard time when I think about Liberia and what they are going through. Or when I take a shower and think of all the Elders I left behind. I always pray for them and their success and I hope that the work will always continue even though we are not in Liberia or Sierra Leone. I love you guys and am healthy and learning the gospel. 

Have a great week.

Elder Elias Dahlin

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