Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Well it sounds like everything is going wonderful at home! I hope that dad knows he will look great after the scab goes away! I pray for him always! Thank you Lilia and Tom for your hard work around the house. When the Lord talks about diligence he says that one of the blessings is being mighty in works. No works no faith! Just talk haha We tell you thank you! 

Conference!!! Well conference was very exciting and full!!! This week was very busy and we were only able to teach on Sunday. The Lord truly has blessed this area though with those that are prepared for baptism. We havent seen anyone for such a long time but they are still coming to church and preparing by reading The Book of Mormon.  The conference was full of the spirit and learning. We had the missionaries do an activity of switching their area books with another companionship and pretend to white wash the area. It was fun and there was a lot of learning. Of course the learning mainly came from President and his amazing instruction. It makes me see how much we have to have truth set in our mind. Maybe using the word "fixed" in our mind is more appropriate. To know a sentence of truth and firmly believe in it without a doubt. Thats a challenge we can all have. Make a sentence that tells of truth and believe it until it becomes a part of you. Such as "Without partaking the Sacrament, we cannot receive a remission of sins" That is a gospel truth that I know without a doubt. 

The conference was great and stressful organizing and running around setting up. We also had district conference where we helped set up for Priesthood training on saturday morning and on Sunday there was a pretty great announcement. There is going to be a third district in Liberia called the Paynesville district. So cool to see Liberia growing!  The week was great and I had a very nice nap today to catch up with all that was done this last week. Now im prepared to have a full week again! No training or anything but there will be some great teaching. I love teaching and missionary work. It is pretty addicting once you understand it and I will always be involved in it. 

Well I hope everyone is doing amazing and working hard at understanding this work. There is no greater work because nothing else gives salvation. No other way. We work to have eternal friends, if you want eternal friends you have to work for it. I hope Hunter can understand that one day since that is my friend I want to have forever. 

Have a great week!

Elder Dahlin

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