Monday, May 19, 2014



Well im glad to hear everything is going well. Of course dad needs some prayers but I know it will heal well. Please give me the address of Howard! Thats awesome!! haha The Scriptures I want are the small small ones that you can fit in your hand. Well I still think it is very crazy Natalie is getting married so soon!! By the way mom what is the soonest that we would be able to register for winter semester at BYU-I. If you could find that out that would be great. Elder Zolo is in a leg cast and might be able to return to Liberia in about 3 months.

So this week was great. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!! I had a great birthday working hard. We planned to go out and teach but the picture you saw of me working behind the desk was basically what we were doing all day. Hard work and great work. I get to see the new missionaries sometimes when we have training. Last week we went on two exchanges with zone leaders in brewerville and logan town. It was great and fun to see all the missionaries in their zones. This week we are having 3 zone conferences where president and us will instruct! Pray for us that it will go well and we will be able to say the things that are needful to say! It will be fun, I think we will be perfect teachers together as a companionship too since we have been instructing so often. I love working so close with President and the couples since they have so much knowledge to pass on. President Kirkham is so inspired and I always try to listen to all that he says and write it down.

Everything is going great here just plugging away at the work. I am sure Ive grown small since ive been here..... WOOOOHH! 

Elder Dahlin (It not your son der? Yeah oh)

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